The Train To Sylt

Short vid of our recent train ride to Sylt. That’s right. You have to take train.

Maybe the new SEEINGLAND season is beginning? Not sure. That’s how the weather is here in Germania. Every winter in Germania has this odd/strange hanging-on that one can feel. At least ageing folk like me can feel it. It tries (and succeeds) to hang on, don’t you know, and it gets in your bones. Sleeping in a Bulli, as good as the auxiliary diesel heater is, at just above freezing temperatures, can be trying–to say the least. (We haven’t tried it in below freezing temperatures yet.) The good news is: other than North Sea temperatures, winters in this region of Europe are usually never extreme–but they are long winded, they hang on to you, they are wet and they are grey, and it all lingers and seeps and intrudes. Still. With that said. We’ve managed a few trips to begin Bulli travel for 2023. More to come.

Vanlife on.


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