Diamond Beach

Diamante, Italy. Last beach time. Quick drive north up the coast from Tropea. For whatever reason the weather seems to get better. More sun, warmer, less humidity. It’s friggin January 4. Reason? Who cares. Upon arrival in Diamante, where we’re only staying the night, we setup Seeingland, then bought some fresh grub, and I went for a swim in the Med. The thing is, dear Vanlifer, we’re directly on the beach. Does it matter that the Med is 18° (64°F)? It does for my better-half. She wished me a fun swim. And fun it was. Refreshing. Salt on the skin. Clean crystal water. Looks like tomorrow, as we inch our way back to the real world (Germania), we’re gonna stop by that Italian town with the funny leaning tower.

Vanlife on.


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