Italian Eat How

We quit noodles over two years ago. You know. That low carb thing. Has worked pretty well. Mixed with fasting we lost just over fifty pounds each in the first eight months. Low carbs has helped maintain our weight ever since. For us low carb means no potatoes, rice, store bought bread and no noodles. We have discussed having special days here and there, birthdays, holidays,etc., where would splurge but to be honest, we’ve kicked that habit. Welcome to Italy. Welcome to a little Osteria in Tropea, Italy, named Fox & Grapes.

How is that Italians eat noodles galore and ain’t fat? Well. Most schick people eat them and don’t get fat. Their secret? Now. Before I answer that, let me say this. The answer I’m about to give to a very profound question is NOT empirical. I’m more or less thinking out loud based on observation. So here it goes.

Italians (the schick) do two basic things when eating. The first. They don’t finish their plate. At least at restaurants they don’t. When momma is cooking that’s a different thing all together. The second thing they do is eat their food in courses. That is. Appetizers. First course. Second. Etc. Espresso and dessert. Now. That may not sound like much as far as carb intake is concerned, but here’s the thing. They eat their noodles after the appetizer and before what most people consider the main course. The first course of noodles is their filler. And it’s usually not a big portion. See pics above.

We skipped appetizers, ordered first courses and split the second course: grilled swordfish. No dessert and no espresso. The noodles? My better-half had a local specialty called Fileya which is some old fashioned way of making maccaroni. With a simple tomato sauce it was out of this world. I had spaghetti with frutti di mare. It was fabulous. But it’s time once again to say goodbye to noodles. As good as this meal was—and it was fantastic—there is no drive to return to carbs.

Vanlife on.


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