On The Way: Rombiolo, Italy

On our way to Tropea, Italy, our navi drove us through the largest olive groves I have ever seen. Kilometer after kilometer, left and right, hither and nither, olive trees. Then we started to get confused. The roads were getting smaller and smaller. I was concerned that our micro-RV aka Germanic wunder-van, was getting (relatively) bigger and bigger. Branches from olive trees hanging over the road were getting awfully close to side mirrors, roof, and worse, the bike handle bars that are the highest point at the rear of the van. And that’s not all. Just before arriving in Rombiolo, Italy, we also encountered serpentine roads I have never seen before. These roads are not only tight for the likes of a fiat panda, don’t you know. Also. Due to road construction—on already constricted roads—I had to navigate a one-eighty serpentine lefty into a ca. forty degree gradient. (I’m guessing it was near forty degrees because it felt like half of ninety degrees, aka a vertical wall.) As I began the ascent, the Wunder-van showed its gusto immediately. My better-half sat back with the gradient and covered her eyes. The accelerator required, obviously, a bit more push. I obliged. Somewhere in the Wunder-van echoed: let’s turn around and find another way. I pushed on. At first I could feel the front wheel drive struggling to find grip. Even though the road was corroded with leaves and soot the VW found traction. After a bit of tire churning here and there Seeingland got her mojo. We climbed and climbed. Thin serpentine galore. Olive trees everywhere. The VW 150hp churned like a perfectly tuned beast ready to conquer and besiege, will it’s way up, forward—our little piece of conquering Europe.

Then we we had to drive through Rombiolo.

This wouldn’t have been possible in a normal RV.

Vanlife on.


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