Fog On The Way South

We’re getting better, dear vanlifer. Better at getting things done, departing on time. The goal this morning was to get up early, have a coffee, make more coffee for the ride and get going. Eight in the AM was planned. The Wunder-van was warming up at 7:48. Departing Sorrento was the same as arriving with a bit less traffic. You know, the day doesn’t really start in some parts of the world before ten AM. By-the-buy, we considered driving along the infamous Almafi coast but decided it would increase our drive time too much. Next time. And all that ahead of schedule.

I had no idear we would face as many mountain highways and tunnels going this far south as when we crossed the Alps. I know. I know. Naïve American—stuck in Europe. But. In fact. There were more friggin mountains and tunnels and and… WTF? Also. As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been surprised at the fog in Italy. As we drove through, around, up and down mountains, before we arrived in Calabrian, I drove through the thickest fog I’ve ever seen. Traffic signs had indicated speed limits for fog for a while but there was no fog. Once we hit that fog… I became a believer. Although we could see fifty meter ahead, it stayed fogged to hell for kilometer and kilometer and kilometers. WTF.

The last couple of hours dragged along with lonely highways and questions. For example. We left Sorrento in pretty heavy traffic. We’d been driving through Italy in pretty heavy traffic. After the fog of Calabrian it was as though we’d enter a ghost town. The last two hours of driving kept begging the question: where the fcuk are we?


We made it. We’re happy. Over two thousand kilometers with a short two night in Sorrento. And this friggin vehicle reminds me of Cadillac riding on clouds, finally delivered like a dream, including digital cockpit fun time.

Vanlife, baby.


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