Saved By The Veggie Scooter

Spent the afternoon hiking around Sorrento, Italy. What a tourist magnet this place is, dear worst-reader. Could it have something to do with… the Greeks having founded the place before there were ever Romans? But I die-gress.

Sightseeing is as sightseer’s do. But this place? Cliffs, alleyways, churches, über fashionable people, fancy this/that, priests guiding young people by the hundreds, history of thousands of years below every step…

Of course. As has been our experience so far on Italien shores, this ain’t the place for biking. Too many steep ups and downs—not to mention the traffic. We haven’t had a chance to even take the bikes down off the rear rack. That also means every time we need something out of the boot, two people have to do it. Our e-bikes weigh around twenty kilos each. Although it’s doable and, according to sources, the hatch, hinges and hydraulic struts can handle the weight, I’m nevertheless very cautious. Plus, when the pop up roof is open the hatch can’t be opened all the way cause the handle bars. One of us has to hold the hatch quarter way open while the other digs in to grab the next box of wine. Indeed. The compromises we make for The Bulli!

After a very nice Mediterranean lunch of fish, calamari and shrimp we planned on buying some veggies for a nice evening salad with wine. Although during our trek through the city we saw plenty of small stores opened, it seems we lunched a bit too long. As we were heading back to the Wunder-van, all the grocers were closed. It was 2:30pm! During the final ascent of a cliff to our campsite we considered what we would eat for the evening. Sure. We have plenty of supplies but we wanted to make a simple tomato and cucumber salad, the two things we didn’t bring. No. Really. Here’s Seeinglands advice: never, ever, bring tomatoes INTO Italy. It’s sacrilege. In fact, to this day, dear worst-reader, worst-writer (as an American) will never forget the first time I ate a fresh tomato in Italy. #Nomatter.

To our surprise, once we made it up the cliff and entered the campsite, there was this cute little Piaggio scooter truck selling fresh veggies. Well… what d’ya know.


-T aka

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