Does It Fit

One of the issues we had with buying such a large vehicle was whether or not it would fit in our garage. This is a big deal since she replaced our Mini and we love having a garage that is attached to our basement. As you can see, she fits. Well. She barely fits. Although VW markets this thing as a compact van, it does say in the brochures that it will fit in most Euro parking garages. After measuring our garage height, especially the garage entrance that includes a steep incline, our first time parking was nerve racking. Seeingland‘s height is 198cm but the attached awning raises it to just above 200cm. Our garage is officially 200cm. I measured it though and it‘s actually just over 210cm except for the entrance where it‘s around 230. Yeah. She barely fits. That worst-said, the sliding side door means that we can load and unload with ease. Opening the boot though can only be done if/when we pull forward in our slot. This also means we have to load our bikes on the rear rack outside of the garage, which, weather depending, can be a challenge. The thing is, our little townhouse‘s front door is on a different street than the garage entrance. Anywho. The only other issue(s) with tight garages are nullified by VW‘s park-assistant which works like a charm, even when backing in. More on that in another post.

Vanlife, baby.


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